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Edgerton Dental Clinic Patient Portal

Welcome to your new contactless Practice

At Edgerton Dental Clinic we are making life a little easier for you with the new Patient Portal! We have launched the Patient Portal to further improve your experience at the practice. The Portal will allow you to access several features online and therefore reduce contact time at the practice.

Introducing: Patient Portal - a simple, secure web-based platform that allows you to remotely complete your pre-appointment forms on your own device. All you have to do is follow the link in your appointment reminder, and then simply follow the prompts.

Your Portal Reminder

Your automatic appointment reminders now contain links for you to complete your pre-appointment forms online. These reminders can be sent by email or text (SMS). You can simply login to the Portal using your surname and Date of Birth, and links are unique which makes them secure. Please let the Practice know as soon as you can if any of your contact details have recently changed.

Signing In

Once you have clicked on the link via your reminder message, you will need to sign in with your name and Date of Birth. When you have done this, your Portal home page will display the items that you need to complete before your next visit to the practice.

Complete & Save

After completing each item, don't forget to click 'save'. You don't need to complete everything at once - if you need to come back to it, you can log in again using the same link in your reminder text or email.

Remember: Before your next appointment, you will need to complete all items that have been assigned to you in the Portal to avoid delaying your treatment.


Once you have completed all the forms, your Portal homepage will list them for you. The Portal automatically links up to your patient record on our practice system and updates it, ready for your next appointment. Please keep the appointment message reminder until your appointment is concluded.

The Portal will enable you to:

  • Complete your Medical History Form.
  • Complete your NHS Practice Record Form (PR Form) - Patient Declaration.
  • Fill out a COVID-19 Questionnaire.
  • Complete an Oral Health Survey.
  • Update your personal details and contact details.

It is essential that BOTH the Medical History and NHS Practice Record Form (PR Form), if applicable, are completed before each appointment.

Benefits of using the Patient Portal

  • It is accessible on the go from your preferred device.
  • Forms can be completed at your own convenience, and even from the comfort of your own home.
  • As there is no requirement for manual input from staff, the Portal allows us to free up our reception staff to provide a more personal service to you and focus on those all-important customer interactions. This allows time spent in practice to be as fuss-free and as pleasurable for you as possible.
  • Minimises the risk of error as you can input your own details.
  • Eliminates the need for paper records - more eco friendly, efficient and secure.
  • Both yourself and our Practice staff can feel more prepared ahead of your appointment.
  • Keeps yourself and our Practice staff safe by reducing the number of touch points for you during visits.
  • Allows the Practice to maintain the highest quality of data at all times - records don’t need to wait until your next visit to be updated. Any new details are automatically updated on your file on our system.
  • The Portal link consists of a SMS two-factor authentication for maximum security.
  • Required forms for your appointment can instantly be forwarded onto you via SMS or email.

If you need help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Edgerton Dental Clinic reception team.

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