Cosmetic Dentistry at the Edgerton Dental Clinic Huddersfield

Cosmetic Dentistry Huddersfield

Modern cosmetic dentistry solutions are now available to significantly enhance your teeth, smile and overall feeling of well-being and personal confidence. Many studies show that a great smile is an important asset in personal and professional life and we have many satisfied patients who will pay testament to that.

If you are unhappy with your smile, are struggling with loose or painful dentures or have cracked, stained or otherwise unsightly teeth, then we invite you to contact us for professional dental help.

Our cosmetic dentistry services are wide ranging and cover teeth whitening, placement of dental implants (implantology), veneers, crowns, bridgework and full "smilemakeovers" using some or all of these techniques in combination. We also make referrals for tooth straightening (orthodontics) using the latest "clear" braces. Please contact us for a consultation.

Quality care for a lifetime of happy smiles