Glossary of Dental Terms

Cosmetic Dentistry Glossary of Terms

  • Dental implants - a small titanium rod fixed into the jaw and used to support a porcelain crown as a replacement for missing teeth
  • Dental veneers - a wafer thin ceramic cover for the tooth, akin to a false finger nail and used to cover stained, cracked or unsightly teeth
  • Tooth whitening - a technique using dental bleach, often in conjunction with an accelerating light source to lighten the teeth and mask unsightly stains
  • Dental bonding - a technique whereby a tooth coloured composite is fixed to the teeth to cover unsightly cracks and defects
  • Smilemakeover - a combination of cosmetic dentistry techniques used to completely correct a defective smile
  • Gum reshaping - a technique using a laser to trim excess gum from the teeth to improve the smile line
  • White fillings - near invisible tooth coloured material used for fillings and a preferred alternative to old fashioned mercury amalgam fillings
  • Clear braces - the process of orthodontics whereby crooked teeth are straightened using traditional dental "wires" or modern "clear" (Invisalign or Clear Step) braces


Please see our dental treatments section for a more detailed description of these techniques

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