Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges - Huddersfield

Dental Crowns:

If a tooth gets chipped badly, broken or otherwise damaged a protective cover or “crown” can be fitted over the underlying structure to effect a hard-wearing and good looking repair. Crowns used to be made from porcelain but these days, hard-wearing ceramic is used as it is stronger and also aesthetically superior. Use of full ceramic crowns also removes the dark line which used to appear at the gum line where old porcelain crowns were built on top of a stronger metal base.

To fit the crown, our dentist will initially shape the underlying tooth and then take an impression for use by the dental laboratory. Careful colour matching will also be performed to ensure that the crown matches the surrounding teeth.

The dental laboratory uses the impression to manufacture the finished crown but whilst this process is underway, typically just a few days, a temporary crown will be fitted.

During the final visit our dentist will fit the finished crown using a special bonding agent.

Dental Bridges:

A dental bridge is reasonably self-explanatory in that where a tooth has been lost, a special dental construction or “bridge” can be used to fill the gap. The dental laboratory prepares the bridge structure which incorporates a hollow crown to replace the missing tooth. The replacement tooth will of course be colour matched to your natural teeth to ensure a natural result.

The overall support incorporating the replacement tooth is then bonded to the adjacent teeth to neatly fill the gap.

This technique is more permanent than dentures but less invasive than implants – our highly trained dental team will advise exactly which dental technique is best suited to your particular circumstance.

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