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Sympathetic Treatment for Dental Anxiety in Huddersfield

We understand that people of all ages and backgrounds are affected by dental anxiety or fear. Whilst many people are able to overcome this and visit the dentist, others would rather suffer pain than make the trip for dental treatment. One thing is certain however, putting off dental treatment is never a good idea as a small and easily treatable dental issue can quickly become a more complex problem.

At Edgerton Dental we understand the problem of dental anxiety and we can help you to overcome your fears. The Edgerton Dental Team is fully sympathetic and we can give you tried and trusted advice to help you.

First and most important is good communication. Experience shows that keeping our patients fully informed about all aspects of their treatment goes a long way towards allaying their fears.

Sometimes, where appropriate we use mild sedatives during treatment of clients with dental anxiety. We assess this during the initial consultation.

We follow the principal of “minimally invasive dentistry” whereby only the minimal amount of treatment is used to treat the condition effectively. We preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible and try to ensure that our treatments minimise the need for revisits.

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